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Music at Funerals – in and out

I always advocate that we use music that the deceased has chosen or at least the music the people closest to the deceased have chosen.  Without exception this makes the ceremony instantly more personal. Leonard Cohen’s beautiful ‘The Anthem’ was picked as the piece to carry out from a service recently.  The lyrics were printed

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Funeral heart
Fear of speaking

Speaking at Funerals

I want to speak at my mother/father/sister/brother/friend’s funeral, but I don’t think I can!  Speaking from the heart … Do you ever scan the death notices and gulp when you see someone you know?  If it is someone you care about and would like to acknowledge do you gulp again in fear of getting up

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Why have a funeral?

When asked what my favourite type of ceremony is I usually reply, funerals.  Mostly people are surprised at this answer, but a ‘good’ funeral is something very special.  Personally, I think that to say good bye to someone who has died is important, a form of courtesy.  As well as saying good bye funerals also provide

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What makes a good funeral?

What makes a “good” funeral? What makes a ‘good’ funeral?  I mentioned ‘good’ funerals earlier on.  Whether for a baby, a middle-aged man or an elder, ‘good’ funerals have some elements in common: They are ‘true’ to the deceased, in the words used and the use of symbols and rituals. They are a length that

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