Ceremony Consultant


I have been contemplating all the families unable to have funerals. 


And I would like to make an additional offer in the light of yet another lockdown and the changes and challenges this brings to all when a loved one dies.

Namely, an offer to work with family and friends as a ceremony consultant, providing a listening ear and personal conversation to anyone who would like professional, experienced and caring support to:


  1. Write an interim eulogy, or a personal tribute, etc. while they are very present in your thinking.
  2. Do your own funeral or memorial, to assist with the planning and flow of a service and to support any writing of a eulogy or life narrative.
  3. Talk about simple ways at home, with whoever is in lockdown with you, how you might set up a special memory place or book etc.


This would be offered at an hourly rate, negotiated and agreed before work starts. I anticipate offering this service by phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or email.


I remain available to co-create and lead a funeral or memorial service for you as we are able to.

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A personalised funeral is a conversation away
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