Life Transitions

William Bridges is his work around change and transition made the distinction between an actual change, say selling your house, and the emotional transition we make to move out, leave and say good bye to our home.

Life Transitions ceremonies are many and varied. Each in their own way acknowledges a change and the transition that goes it. The marking is an important way of living into the change in a healthy way.

For example:

Naming Ceremony: where we welcome a new child to the world and extend our family.

Home Blessing:
We are here to celebrate K’s new life, the full ownership of this house symbolizing a fresh start …
Special Age birthdays: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and I am open to my first 100th!

Or Special Anniversaries
For all that has been – thank you For all that is to come – YES
e.g. 50th wedding anniversaries

Welcome to the Wisdom Years, or Croning/Wise Man Ceremonies:
A time to acknowledge the transition from younger years into the mature phase of our living, celebrating rather than mourning.
Ceremony for personal healing:
These are usually more private and may mark a time of recovery or survival.
Each life transition ceremony is personally designed.

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