What makes a good funeral?

What makes a “good” funeral?

What makes a ‘good’ funeral?  I mentioned ‘good’ funerals earlier on.  Whether for a baby, a middle-aged man or an elder, ‘good’ funerals have some elements in common:

  • They are ‘true’ to the deceased, in the words used and the use of symbols and rituals.
  • They are a length that works for the family, friends & community
  • They acknowledge the range of feelings and emotions present
  • Like a good story they provide a beginning, a middle and an end, a pathway of ‘marking’ that life

Some of the practicalities to consider:

I suggest you have a read of Te Hokinga ā Wairua – End of Life Service, This is a public site with two key functions:

  1. Someone’s died and I need information. Find information about what to do, and services that might be available to you, following the death of a loved one. 
  2. I want to plan and share my wishes and information. Find information to help you create and share a personalised plan of what you want to happen when you die.    

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